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Whats your kind of man?

Listening to Ruby’s Okay at home with friends trying to console one of us whose relationship just ended and she made the comment, “he wasn’t even my kind of man”. I asked who is your kind of man? I started wondering why we ladies always say that especially if its no longer going well.

Its not the type of man we want as if we really know what we want sometimes. Some of us see a guy, he is cute and loaded and we just hop in for the ride.

I once saw a movie where a woman who very smart and intelligent always in control was indecisive about men. So one of the men she liked but wasn’t sure of, asked her to make a list of what she wants in a man. For someone who is always in control she was speechless and needed time. Well it took her 2 weeks to come up with a list. It got me thinking, whose my kind of man, David Beckham? I decided to write my own list of what I wanted in a man. Tall,handsome,good in bed,good listener, all these and more. So any man that I meet my brain automatically clicks back to my list and if they don’t meet the requirement, I keep on walking forward. I asked my friends to write their own lists as well and everyone came up with the same thing, handsome, tall, basically the likes of George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt. We didn’t want to be realistic.

I was once invited to a program in a church and the pastor preached about the kind of men we ask God for. Why ask God for a God fearing man when God gives you that man and he is always going to church everyday, every aspect of his life is wrapped round the church, you begin to complain. Or you ask for the type of man that is cool and about town and then you complain he is always out. As the pastor said this, we ladies laughed though it was funny if you really sit down and think he had a point.

I know someone who asked God for the kind of man she is married to now and she got her wish. She has never been happier . There is a saying that there is power in your tongue, all you need is faith and hope. Do you want the kind of man that heats the shower for you after a long day at work and rubs your feet while you tell him how your day went.

Look at your men now and conclude whether he is your kind of man. If not you could just make a list and decide if that suits you but you should bear in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect man.


New Beginning..


Moving to a new town, starting afresh in so many aspects of life isn’t easy at all. For someone who loves new beginning (because I have tried it way too many times)I should be excited but infact its the opposite. Meeting new people, adjusting to a new way of living and all that. Everyone keeps saying “you would get used to it and all” but seriously I am not getting used to it and this is my 8th month. But like 50 cent says “I am patiently waiting”.
The language sounds weird and absolutely hilarious,to me it sounds like they are fighting when they speak. Seriously not hating on the language but have you ever been to a place and stayed there for over 4years and yet didn’t get to learn the language. Well that’s me. I lived in Jos and could give you very few sentences in hausa. Partly ignorance and also the fact that when I got there, the people I met used to speak hausa a lot even when I am in the room. Don’t you think that is rude??? But I am intent on learning a few lines in this new language. Mbok be patient with me because I am no longer in the city of potatoes and tomatoes rather I am in the city where rice and peppersoup are served not rice and stew. In the city where everything is 50naria both taxi and keke napep. A city where you only come and spend your money and go. A place where all the aba boiz have relocated to and are making their money.
So here I am in the city of afang song which I haven’t tried by the way. This journey I hope and know would be full of so many things and emotions in life so join in for the ride of my life. Peace!!!

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