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New Music: Dami Duro by Davido

Dami Duro is the new single from Davido, if you loved ‘back’ featuring Naeto C, then you are in for a treat. Download and enjoy!!

Job Vacancies

Human Resources Manager
Bsc or HND in social management
Must have cipm/cipd professional certificate.
Forward resume in microsoft word to:

Regional technical manager and Area field supervisor
Bsc or HND in mechanical/electrical engineering
At least 3 years experience
Send CV to

Volunteer experience needed abroad
Help needy communities

Marketing and Media limited vacancy
Closing date: 10 November 2011
Bsc in Engineering or Building
General Manager and Operations manager needed
Minimum of 7years experience

World of a Woman

*March 27, 1998 will always be a painful remainder to Lola. That was the day she went out to get drugs for her little brother only to be grabbed by four men and raped. She was just 13years old and has been traumatized since then.
February 14, 2000 will always be in Nonso’s head, a day supposed to be spent with a loved one turned nasty for her. She went to spend the day with her boyfriend instead got raped by the so called boyfriend and his friends.
October 24, 2009 should have been Fummi’s happiest day instead her wedding night became the official ceremony where her husband turned her into a punching bag.
Mama Dorcas, a stone breaker in Jos doesn’t even know the meaning of joy anymore because the little money she makes from breaking stones and selling is being taken away from her by her husband who is a jobless drunk.

The burden and pain women face daily is unspeakable. All these women have heartbreaking stories to tell. Looking at the rape situation in Nigeria, this is a problem that has been there for years but if not for Linda Ikeji publicizing the ABSU rape case, it would still be a topic swept under the table. Some people in power made comments about the victim not wanting to come forward and dropping it because there are more important issues to discuss. Am still waiting for the important issue. I am very sure that if it were someone close to them, we wouldn’t hear the end of it which is the case of the rich versus the poor in Nigeria. Rape and domestic violence have been a known uniform in this country, women get raped and not even a single trauma center to check in immediately. So please tell me how you expect one to come forward? For a country where sexual activity is on the increase, we sure do have a lot stigmatization in our blood. The fact that a rape victim cannot come and stand firmly say she was raped without people saying she provoked it or even start talking behind her back. When the ABSU case broke out, a lot people had plenty to say on social networks. A lot didn’t take the case serious and therefore made very ignorant comments while some made very important points. One male wrote, ” its not about wearing provocative outfits, a woman can tie wrapper, wear baggy trousers and she will still be raped.” What do you have to say about a 13yr old raped by 4 men, was she seducing them? Let us help women and give them that respect not make them paranoid and traumatized. So what do you say about a man walking around without a shirt or just a boxer shorts, is he then wearing provocative outfit and therefore calls to be raped. That is just absurd.

The case of domestic violence is another problem that women face. As a woman you get married to the man you wish to see every morning you wake up, a lover, friend, partner but instead you become a punching bag to him whenever he is frustrated. *Chioma said her husband started on their wedding night and she kept asking herself why she didn’t see it before the wedding. The beating continued leading to four miscarriages, “After he beat me to coma the last time. With the persuasion of my family I walked away. My state of mind doesn’t accept marriage again”.
Our women need to be empowered, in order to know when to speak up. This past few years some NGOs have been focusing on women empowerment. It is time to help these women not take advantage of their vulnerability but let them know they can speak up and get help and will not be stigmatized.

A woman has strengths that amaze men, she can handle trouble and carry burdens. Just like the case of mama Dorcas, a stone breaker 35years but looks 60yrs because of her years of hard work. After selling her stones her jobless husband who is also a drunk takes the money and goes binge drinking with his buddies leaving her and the kids stranded. She had to learn the art of hiding where after work she hides half of the money made that day and gives him the other half. The half hidden goes to the feeding and fees of her kids, though not enough she still manages. That is what her marriage has turned to, a game of hide and seek.
Marriage isn’t a game of domination and power, it is the joining of two people in companionship, love, understanding, friendship and togetherness.
A woman is a man’s back bone, she holds him together. Every man came from a woman and was carried for 9months so why treat women badly and unjust. She holds happiness, love and opinions, her love is unconditional.

Jobs Opening

Know anyone in need of a job? Please share this:

Central Bank of Nigeria CBN recruitment

American Embassy Job vacancy in Abuja: Senior Program Specialist HIV Care & Support

British American Tobacco Company BAT Nigeria Vacancies in Lagos and Ibadan

Ericsson Nigeria recruits

FITC Nigeria recruitment: Vacancies in NAICOM

Save the Children Nigeria vacancies

Job vacancy in United States Embassy Nigeria

Society For Family Health SFH Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Mastercard Nigeria Job Vacancies

Binatone Nigeria recruitment

MTN Lagos Job vacancy for Learning Solutions Manager

Transocean Nigeria recruitment

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc and Cadbury Nig Ltd recruits graduates Trainee

Rexx drops 2 hot new singles.






We might not be familiar with the name Rexx but he used to be one of the duo Pincode that had a few hits we were rocking to in clubs. He is the taller one in case you still don’t know. Well he has gone solo and has released two singles. Believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed when you listen to them. They are both titled ‘back to you’ and ‘masquerade’.

‪‪back to you
‪ ‬




All hell breaks loose

So I came across a story about a married couple living in VI for 10yrs and all these years the husband has been paying rent to the housing agent not knowing that the house is owned by his wife. So now its out. You actually wonder what’s going on in his head. For 10years, that is just bizarre. So everyone have been expressing their various opinion about this issuee.

There are different scenarios in this case, maybe the wife is earning more than her husband and really loves him but at the same time doesn’t want to make him feel like a loser. The man finding out that his wife is earning more money than him will always be a huge factor in the marriage because on some levels he wouldn’t feel man enough to be the bread winner of the family.

Another side of the issue is that they took an oath and marriage is for life and not an everyday affair. No matter what it is, she should have told him the truth because now he will begin to question her trust and honesty in the marriage. This can cause a major flaw in the marriage, some issues that have been solved would be raised again and questions and accusations would be flying in the air.
Let me know what you think and give your honest opinion.

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