Test Driving, Is it necessary.

Me and my girls were having a long chat about test driving, not the test driving you know about. This conversation started when a link was sent to my cousin’s phone about how you meet the man of your dreams, he showers you with love, attention and money. He proposes to you and tells you no sex before marriage. He is the perfect gentleman, gives you the wedding of your dreams. On your wedding night, you discover that his penis size of a 2yr old. What would you do?

Then there was the big argument about test driving before you enter marriage level to know whether the man can satisfy her. This is one of the reasons girls step out on their relationships not because of money but maybe the guy is selfish in bed and his size isn’t just doing it for her. While some raised the point of testing before marriage, I asked myself how long would you go testing especially in this society where men would say marriage just to get a girl into bed. How many men then will she then sleep with before she finds the right one all in the name of test driving.
A friend cracked a joke once and said she would just ask him to show her his size. Are women more concerned with a man’s size and how well he can satisfy you. Even though we like to pretend that it is not a big aspect in a relationship or marriage it is in a way. As a married woman you are not able to satisfy your man or bring out ways to keep it spicy, your man might look outside.
An article once said that no matter the size of a man’s penis if as a couple they want to make it work, there are ways of stimulation that can be invented in order to get a good final result, talking and sharing each other’s sexual fantasies could be one way of over coming the issue of small penis. Already the man might have a low self esteem about his penis so the lady should still make him feel like a king in the bedroom, that can boost his confidence thus stimulating and motivating him more. At the end you would be begging for more.

After this, can you still settle for a man with a small penis size or would you prefer a moderate size? Will the size of your man’s penis determine whether he is in or out.


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  1. I prefer small penises. Always have. Prolly will go to my grave with that still as my preference. And yet……my husband whom I just married 4 months ago, has a penis the size of a donkey. At first I used to really struggle with it but I’m starting to manage better.

    And we had sex before marriage. I loved so many of his qualities that I was able to overlook that huge dong.
    So I think the same can be true for others. Those who love big penises and end up with a man with a penis the size of a pinky finger. If he has wonderful qualities and generally is a good guy, I think some compromises should be made. I mean I know sex is a huge part of relationships but it’s still only ONE part.

  2. his write up sounds like its for ladies eyes only but let me take the liberty of makin my opinion known which I hope, wil mirror that of most men. Now, test drivin befor marriage, as u aptly put it is necessary. I concur wit u in sayin sex is just one part of a rlatbshp/marriage buts let’s not forget its d biggest part. We currently liv in a sexist age and society and whoeva undermines the place and essence of sex, good sex has him or herself to blame wen d cookie crumbles. Admittedly the size of a mans phallus has little or nothing to do with sexual profficency but most women are ignorant of dis and can’t get their heads around d mythical big penis. In the same vein, copulation does not commence with penetration nor does it end with ejaculation as erronously believed by many women and by extension, men. Our ladies hav to grow up, be more vocal and expressive to their partners. Most importantly test driving is vital, crucial and can prevent a lifetime of grief and need

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