Things You Should Know About Sex

So, you have been having sex for years and you feel you know it all in that aspect, take a look at this and still ask yourself whether you still know it in bed. Eric Barker shares some things we need to know about sex and its worth looking at.

You can probably tell how sexual a woman is just by looking. at her

In fact, you can probably tell how orgasmic she is by how she walks

And if she is more sexual, she’s also more likely to be bisexual

Is this going by quickly? Time flies when you are reading about sex

Guys, want to be more attractive to women?
* Wear Red
* Be seen surrounded by women
* Be yourself
* Touch her when you ask for her number
* Be a gentleman

Ladies, want the guys to like you? Mimic them

One in four men has faked an orgasm

Nine in ten women have faked orgasms

Men tend to be selfish in bed

Getting a girl wet is not just about touching clitoris

Don’t copy every position you see in a porno movie

S + M can improve a relationship

Most guys that boast about being good in bed will disappoint you.

It doesn’t come down to the size of his penis but how he uses it

Do you think he is right in all or some? Let me know what your thoughts are.


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  1. Hello Ogo…ur girl Lola just visited this page….

  2. “Nine in ten women have faked orgasms”… so true..

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