Giant of Africa or Food?

Yesterday, it was reported that Aso rock is to spend 1billion naria on food 2012, 293 million on refreshments and meal for the president’s home and office; 20 million naria for VIP refreshments at his office and home.

For the Vice President’s office, to buy the food stuff, catering and material supplies, it will cost 104 million while cooking gas and fuel will cost 6.2million. This is just for his office. Absolutely ridiculous.

Refreshment and meals at Mr Sambo’s office and home is estimated at 20.8million, wait, what happened to the 104million? Doesn’t it cover all these.

Taxpayers are going to be coughing out this to feed their President, will there still be money left to feed their own families.

Here comes my question, is this a joke or what? What are they eating, are they chefs Italian or french?

What exactly are they cooking that is taking up most of the country’s budget?

I haven’t seen electricity in my house for 6months because the transformer is apparently bad, when it is changed the light doesn’t last 3 days before it spoils again.

I travel on road and by the time I get to my destination, am all sore and bruised due to the level of bad roads we have.

I cant sit out with my friends and feel relaxed because one part of me is hoping that boko haram doesn’t strike at that particular place.

You decide to travel to your home town for the Christmas season but you are faced with the fear of kidnapping in the east.

Gay bill has been established with 14year jail term meanwhile disability bill is not being looked at, we live in a country not much attention is given to disabled people so they take to the streets to beg.

1 billion  can do more than all these things I have listed but no, its going to food and the rest of the budget will go to the senators and the house of rep members while people wallow in poverty.

People in government have a way of amusing us and this is one.

They call us giant of Africa, are we living up to the name or are we just 51 for nothing.


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