Christmas Spirit

Ho, Ho, Ho, that didn’t sound right. Anyway merry Christmas, that also didn’t sound right. Sorry not feeling the Christmas vibe yet and l cant just understand why. Maybe all the memories of the year especially the bad ones are seriously reflecting. All the friends I lost this year due to car accidents and illness, God bless their souls and may they rest in peace, Amen.

This season is a season of celebration, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not planning to spend mine in the city of afang song but with my eastern peeps doing it our way.

Now, you know this is the period you go to salons and see girls all lined up to do their hair, nails, all prepping to look good and maybe hook one of the bachelors storming town.Some even fighting each other because of time and space limit in the beauty parlors. As for me, it will just be same old thing for me, not bothering with all that.

As a little kid, Christmas used to be a lot of fun, school will close for the holidays, you travel to dad’s village  or mum in my case and have a wild time, you know looking at masquerades and attending festivals. Uncles and aunties sharing money, that my mom later collects to buy Milo and milk so when you ask for your money, she points to the milk you have been using.

Now, am all grown, I will practically spend most of the Christmas day in the kitchen  preparing what seems to me,like a normal Sunday rice  with the exception of maybe adding different types of meat to the food. Family disagreements and disputes are more obvious to me now, people claiming their house, their food even when one kobo of their money wasn’t contributed in any way, the fun is seeped out. Even extended families come back and compare themselves with one another and each boast and lie about things they have achieved that year.

I am also hoping that the so called PHCN would  provide light through out this season like always, saying this because i haven’t had light for almost six months. I need to be glued to my TV.

So many people and friends getting married this festive season, I think some people just forget to celebrate Christmas because they are preparing for their weddings and want to be remembered for having a lot of guests at the ceremony, my mom keeps reminding me never to fix my wedding during Christmas whenever am ready to be married because she is not ready for the stress that comes with it.  Which brings to this topic, I don’t even have a boyfriend, gave up on men after having 3 failed relationships in this year which has never happened to me. Then of all years, it was this year my mom decided she will like to see the man I am dating and aunties are asking whether am receiving offers of marriage. Its like the wolves have been unleashed and am running for my dear life.

Normally every Christmas I bake for about 5 different families and share but God help me, no baking this year. I will go out and buy one good cake just for myself and be selfish, I know its wrong but that’s just the feeling. I mean hey it might just get me in the spirit.

There is always this routine for some people to shed some weight before they go home for Christmas so as to look sexy (only for the single tho) , in my case i will be losing mine during Christmas, already have the skipping robe and the dumb bell.

Another gloomy feeling this season is when you mistakenly not purposely run into old friends who are done with school and NYSC and they ask you where you served and you think to yourself, ”How do I put this in a sentence without feeling low”, your not done with school, Nigerian University system wont let you be, the current ASUU strike that hasn’t even been called off and you are left to sit it out again. It makes you wonder whether the universe is against you.

With all these problems mounting, no wonder am growing grey hair.

For the men, some go home without achieving much and their fathers degrade them by using a fellow towns man who has made it big as an example making their sons dive into the world of evil, ritual, kidnapping and fast money come January 2012 just to please a family that when all hell breaks loose, they wont stand by him.

During this season, you also see   a lot of borrowing, just to belong in the category of people that are trending in their various villages, to go back January 2012 and spend six months working to pay off your debts.

I should stop depressing you with all my Christmas lows and join you in this celebration.

Anyway, its 24/12/2011 I am going to start the day with a bottle of vodka hoping that it will at least kick start my celebration mood for now til I become sober.

So ho ho ho, I should stop saying that. Merry Christmas to you all, remain blessed.


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