Fuel Subsidy: Your Actions and Reactions

2012 is here and the new year present we Nigerians received was the removal of the fuel subsidy, sales of fuel would move from 65 naria to 141 naria.

This has come as a shock to Nigerians who were expecting it but not this soon, it was supposed to be implemented from 1st April but going to some fuel stations this morning, the prices have already increased.

Different protests are taking part in the some parts of the country, they are Abeokuta, Mushin, Ojuelgba, Zamafara

The planned protest today the Eagle Square went on to hold with about 200 people attending and signing the registers against the removal of fuel subsidy.

At first it wasn’t easy because the security operatives sent to stop the protest seized the register and insisted that no one will sign but afterwards returned it.

Close to 200 people had gathered at eagle square to keep the protest concerning the removal of fuel subsidy going and the signing in the register has continued.

People have taken to social networks to voice their anger and frustration at this new year calamity.

The government has grown from being weak to being wicked – Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye is one of the leaders at the protest, he is a former member house of representative.

More people had this to say…..

This injustice, this gross insensitivity by our govt has broken the camel’s back. I lend my full support to the protests – Akin Dee

To define the mission of their generation, and liberate their future from misgovernance worse than colonial oppression- Utomi Pat

It is tragic that the GEJ govt has become the greatest source of insecurity in the country & the spring of danger to the Nigerian nation NLC

They should change the motto of our national coat of arms from ”unity and faith, peace & progress” to “suffering and smiling” – eLDee

Policemen used teargas to disperse the crowd at the Eagle Square. There was no violence or any provocation  from the crowd before the assault began. Some protesters have been arrested and have been taken from the scene of the subsidy removal protest in Abuja, among them are journalists.

We wait to see how this week is going to turn out with some people already buying fuel for 220 naria per lit re.


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  1. that is what Goodluck have for us this new year and expects that we take it good faith. What is this country turning into. has that subsidy got to do with Goodluck. is it not NIgeria’s Money? WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK WE WANT SUBSIDY BACK

  2. Gud luck u are a wicked woman Being dD money is’nt ur FAMILY money wat is ur prob BAD lUCK is better do something before U DIE LIKE FOW,fow dDie will better pass urs

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