Move Over ASUU!! Fuel Subsidy Is Here


I know fuel subsidy is on everyone’s mind, it hurts me too but there is also an issue that has kept me frustrated for a while which is the ASUU Strike.

It has hurt me so bad because I keep moving from one Nigerian University to the other hoping to get away from one thing or the other, I finally get a good one but ASUU decides to show me they are the boss.

At this point in my life, I feel  menopause will catch with me in the Nigerian university while my mates are getting married and having responsibilities, I am still someone ‘s responsibility.

In this country where we live, where people in power make wrong decisions just to satisfy their selfish and greedy need. I keep asking myself, how many senators still have their kids in Nigerian Universities?

Are their kids not the ones driving fast cars and jumping justice when they commit crimes, while our youths enrolled in the universities are running astray committing all manner of crime and are left to rot in prison because of the situation we live in presently.

Before the new year, we were hearing about negotiations talks between the Federal Government and ASUU, now its # Occupy Nigeria that is taking up our time.

When most of us went to church on the 31st to usher in the new year, we didn’t pray for education strike, fuel hike, boko haram and unnecessary killing but that’s what we have gotten.

The so called ministers that were sworn in and gave us the impression they were here to work aren’t doing anything. Where is the education minister, Dr Adesina.  We thought Sam Egwu was bad but we are yet to see any thing you have done. Any student that loses his/her life because of your incompetence in office during this strike, you should be held liable. Is there a year without education strike?

Lets make something work in this country, for once let us turn on CNN and get a positive report on Nigeria. Do the other parts of the world have to see our negative side.

They call us the leaders of tomorrow, I don’t see that. All I see is a bunch of old men who don’t want to retire but love to play the game of chess with Nigeria. How can we be the leaders of tomorrow when we cant even finish a four year course in the university. How can we be the leaders of tomorrow when our fresh graduates are still roaming the streets looking for jobs. It is not that there are no jobs, there are jobs everywhere but some selfish individual prefers to use 50 ghost names in his office and collects the salary of 50 people every month.

All I am trying to say in all this is that there will be changes in the system, we understand that, what are the evidence that will tell us about the benefit in the change.

We talk about Nigeria’s budget, all the major issues we have comes down to finance. Frankly speaking I don’t care whether Ngozi Okonjo wants to retire or not but if you claim there isn’t enough money to settle ASUU then cut down on the president’s feeding money. It is selfish and outrageous that taxpayers money 1billion naria should go to feeding of the President and Vice President.You should know your right and wrong, or do more people have to die in order to get Nigeria in the right place. Maybe the NLC/TUC general strike will open your eyes more.

Do your jobs, stop speaking plenty English on TV and maybe something would move well in Nigeria for instance, the education system.



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