President Jonathan’s Speech: The Good and Bad

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan addressed the nation by 9:00pm tonight, he addressed the issue of the fuel subsidy removal only. He did not talk about the other issue of ASUU strike, just apologized about boko haram and the lives lost. The president who stood while he addressed the nation looked very sober and dull.

He appealed to the nation to be patient with his administration.

I ask for the understanding of all Nigerians and I promise that I will keep my word – President Jonathan

He also said that executive and office holders salaries will be reduced by 25%.

Overseas travels by all government officials including the President, will be reduced drastically. Office holders salaries will be reduced by 25% – President Jonathan

He told the nation that he understood and felt their pain and would do the same if he was in their shoes.

To get the full speech, click this link

Meanwhile, Nigerians are not impressed with the president’s speech and have voiced their opinions.

UK fast rail link get approval, Nigerian imported buses get commissioned. I am angry and I will express it #occupyNigeria – Omojuwa

The curses on GEJ”s Facebook page is going to triple tonight…he just stood there, reciting the script like a child – Bukky

Next time a man tells us he grew up without shoes, lets just buy him shoes and move on – Deji

While many criticized him, others started the pity party and the rest started understanding the fuel subsidy removal.

If Nigerians understand how poorly rated we are worldwide and how much debt we are in, we will admire Jonathan’s guts – Nneoma

I have seen sleepless nights as a student architect, looking at GEJ’s eyes, the man hasn’t slept in roughly 2- 3 days – Naya

We elected Goodluck Jonathan, please lets support him – Sophie

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)  says Jonathan’s broadcast is a rehash of January 1st action removing gas subsidy, nothing changes mass action and general strike goes ahead.




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