Dear Future Husband…

Dear Future Husband

This letter might seem weird but I guess it still doesn’t hurt to still say what’s on my mind. Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am your wife to be. I can be an introvert and extrovert depending on my mood, call it crazy but its not. Don’t be afraid, crazy in the sense that I can be fun loving and also not in the mood for fun. I have so many things I would love to achieve and I hope you be patient with me and back me all the way. Don’t think am psychological wrong upstairs because I am writing this to you but I just want to clear the air so that when we are married these issues won’t be a problem. There are some characteristics I will love you to possess maybe you can start now once you read this.
First of all, please be a hunk you might not be very handsome but be cute. I would love it if you are tall so that I can easily climb and jump on you, don’t worry, won’t do it when your tired.
I hope your very playful because I would like our marriage to be a friendly, playful and understanding marriage.
This issue am about to raise is a very important aspect in most marriages, please let your family be drama free. I know that a lot of families have drama, God knows even mine. But what am asking for is even if there is drama, let it be minimum. I hope your mother is one of the loveliest women so that we can be balling together. Let her be my second mother. I don’t believe in praying that my future mother in law be dead, its like praying that my mother should die. God forbid.
I come from a very big family and hope you are prepared to accept them the way they are.
Be a Christian, I hope you are spiritually strong in Christ because I want a home built on the foundation of Jesus Christ just the way I was brought up.
Let our prayer life grow everyday with us and make our bond stronger.
I hope you are a good listener, there would be times when I might babble and if my husband won’t pay attention to me then it doesn’t make sense.
Be my friend, to gossip, laugh and cry with and confide in.
Be my brother and look out for me the way a brother would for his sister.
Be my lover, the man that takes birthdays and anniversaries very serious.
I want you to hold me randomly, give me kisses out of the blue and leave me wondering why I got kissed unexpectedly in the first place.
Be there whenever I need you, be there even when you are not needed just to make me feel you always got my back no matter what. Always smile with me and make me feel protected.
Tell me am beautiful when am heavily pregnant, it would mean so much to me.
When we have kids, we will rotate waking up and checking the kids, because am not a machine and will also need help.
I may be a very stubborn person but that doesn’t mean that deep down I am not a nice person and a woman who loves you.
I hope you are good in bed and experimental but not in the kinky way. As a single girl, we are told that sex isn’t the way forward so when we are married and its finally legal, leaving a mark in every room wouldn’t be a bad idea if you are up to it.
Don’t ever lie to me because discovering would hurt so bad.
Don’t ever cheat on me..even if you are pressured. It would give me great joy to know that my man is not only a man of control but also a man of discipline.
Please have a great sense of fashion, our son should be like his dad. I see young fathers and sons going out together on saturdays, and the affection they share and say to myself, that my son and husband will have that type of relationship.

Finally, on our wedding day let our vows be said with honesty and sincerity. Let it be signed, sealed and delivered in the eyes of not just our family and friends but in the eyes of the Lord.


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