The Al Mustapha Saga Ends

The Al Mustapha the former chief security officer to the late head of state, Gen Sani Abacha who is accused of murdering Mrs Kudirat Abiola along Ibadan/Lagos expressway on 4 June 1996 has been sentenced to death by hanging alongside Lateef Sofolahan, the protocol officer for the deceased.

It would be recalled that in  August last year, Al Mustapha read out in court an incriminating written confession that he had given to the Special Investigation Panel in Abuja on the October 13 1999, after the evidence was submitted in the case.

In that statement Al Mustapha said he supplied the guns used in the murder of Kudirat.

The trial of Al Mustapha which has lasted over twelve years came to an end yesterday.

The big question : Is this the end?

The verdict sent shock waves round the country and leaving people with mixed reactions. Some lawyers have said since Al Mustapha has been incarcerated for twelve years that he should be released.  His legal team have released a statement saying they will appeal the judgement in which could take up to ten years from federal court to supreme courts if it leads to that.

Another aspect that some lawyers have argued is that the fact that the policeman who confessed that he was asked to kill Mrs Abiola  hasn’t been  sentenced yet and this could be a major point when appealing the sentence.

In the case of Lateef Sofolahan, it is the case of  servant betraying master because he divulged details of Mrs Kudirat Abiola ‘s whereabouts on the day she was murdered.

Mrs Hafsat Abiola-Costello, daughter of the deceased spoke on the verdict.

A judgement for Nigerians and one that is long overdue – Kudirat Abiola-Costello

Do you think this is the end of the case, if not share let me know what you think.


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