What do you see?

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the picture, most of you will laugh then sober up when you actually realize that this is someone’s footwear in reality while others will turn it into the joke of the century.

There is so much poverty around us yet some people walk away with our money freely just to maintain their expensive lives while others wallow in poverty and hunger. Some of us love to look good and looking good is money, now don’t get me wrong I personally love to look good so you can imagine how I felt one particular morning when a woman as old as my mother if not older knocked on my door to ask if I had work. She looked so tattered and dirty I asked myself if she can’t maintain herself then she obviously couldn’t clean.
She read my mind and tried to convince me that she needed the money even if it was fifty naria I pay her. I gave in.

This woman cleaned my room so well that I was amazed, its not like I had money to give out that way but that was a lazy moment that I wanted someone to clean my room. When she was done, I gave her two hundred naria; this woman knelt down and thanked me I was so shocked I also knelt down to lift her up. She told me all the while she has been moving from one hostel to the other cleaning and doing minor jobs for students she had never received that amount of money, some even insult her and refuse to even give as little as ten naria. I was already feeling all teary but I had to control myself. I discovered this woman didn’t have any clothes and her husband had abandoned her to marry someone else, her kids that were grown were married and not doing well, she still had two kids in primary and secondary school that she catered for and lived wit a distance relative in a small hut.

I started sorting out my wardrobe, luckily for me she was on the small side and my clothes would easily fit. As I went through my wardrobe I realized that some clothes there I haven’t even worn them in years. I packed them in a bag and handed over to this woman to go home and share between herself and her kids. It might sound unbelievable but this woman hadn’t worn undies for almost 10years, I gave her all that.
I gave her one thousand to start petty sales like ground nuts and others just to keep little income coming in, gave her a pot and more.
At that point I was giving out my belongings to this woman I didn’t think about anything but the joy of this old woman and seeing her smile and get excited.

She came back the following morning wit her two little kids to thank me again for what I had done for them.

Basically what I am trying to say before my long story is that there are people out there that will accept your hand downs and will be utterly grateful to you. Think of these people and always help them in any way you can. It won’t kill you rather it will give you inner joy that you lent a helping hand to someone that needed it.
Take a good look around you, you will see that person in need. Will you lend a helping hand or turn an ignorant cheek.


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  1. A wonderfully enlightening post which I wholeheartedly agree with. Too many people these days turn a blind eye towards the rampant poverty all around us when there is so much more they can do about it. It’s not bad having money, but definitely not at the expense of those around us and not taking a single effort to help is just plain preposterous. For people who think that parting with your money will rob you of your happiness, I will tell that it is the other way around. One can find true joy and peace in the act of giving.

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