What a day!!

Am back, I have been so busy and God has blessed me abundantly this year with more than I expected. What he hasn’t done though is give me a man, not that am complaining.

Back to this town and guess what, with a new friend who has been lamenting about the rice and pepper soup combination too. So we stepped out on this particular night just for some karaoke and food, you will not believe the drama that came with all these.

When we walked into the karaoke bar, I was asked to sing and I was like hell no, it won’t give me 15 minutes of fame instead 15 minutes of embarrassment so I said no. Now there was this particular girl that kept begging for the microphone and yea she was looking fly, practically all the dudes were admiring and drooling.

You know how karaoke is, the lyrics on the tv while you sing along, she took the microphone and once she opened her mouth, we almost choked on our drinks. Ermm..she had the most horrible voice, it sounded like toni braxton voice gone bad like really bad. Like that wasn’t enough, she couldn’t pronounce the words on the screen and sometimes did that murmuring you do when you don’t know a song..and then she topped up her class act with sexy movements but it was just working because she was too stiff. I am not exaggerating…call me I will tell you the bar and you can call the manager he will also confirm it. That was definitely a welcome to 2012
While most of us were trying to keep our drinks down our throat, this mega mega fine dude walks in. He walks past my table to the pool area. Here I was sitting with my friend and his guys while he chatted up some chick, I just looked random and out of place. I decided to step out into the pool area and pretend I was looking for someone. I did actually see someone there, a colleague was sitting with some friends and the mega mega fine dude was also there.
She waves and signals me to come over, all I’m saying in my heart is let me sit beside this mega mega fine dude and I got my wish. She introduces me to everyone and all I remember amongst the five guys sitting on the table is only his name, Danny. We started talking..I forgot I came with some other group of people.. He is into IT and just trying to set up a Calabar branch and he is SINGLE!!. We talked more and more exchanged numbers. My friend sends me a message that he was ready to leave asking me to come out, meanwhile Danny and I set an appointment for the next day which is Sunday to go swimming and I was mega excited. As I said my good bye and got up to leave, I slipped and fell into the pool. PAUSE!!

There is a major hitch, you know we actually planned to go swimming the next day, what he didn’t know was I don’t know how to swim. So here I am in the water, floating and flapping my hands all over the water screaming, ” help me!! Mummy oooo” like a chicken. He jumps into the water and rescues me and everyone is hovering and wondering how I fell. Danny then said, ” Are you ok? I thought you knew how to swim” and I just sat there on the floor looking pathetic. I finally stood up amidst my embarrassment and felt like just jumping back so that everyone will just stop starring. I tell them sorry and walk back alone into the bar to meet my friend who sees me and wonders what happened. All I could say was “take me home please”, since we didn’t come with his own car but with his friend I was made to sit down on a bag in the car to avoid wetting the seat. I have never been so embarrassed, not only did I lose Danny but also my integrity.

Guess its coming back bit by bit but Danny if you are reading this, please call me back. I know I messed up but let’s try again. If you deleted my number, here it is again..08068207603. Will be waiting for your call.


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