South Africa and Nigeria Dance..


MOVED by the deportation of Nigerians by the South African government, senators Tuesday asked the Federal Government to shut down all South African companies and immediately close the nation’s embassy in that country.

According to the senators, the South Africa government has murdered sleep, and can, therefore, not see sleep.
The Senate’s move came up yesterday during a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ashiru Olugbenga.

The senators described as unfortunate the attitude of the South African authorities towards Nigerians, despite the brotherly role Nigeria played during her struggle for independence 18 years ago.

The senators were angry that the bond they thought was shared with South Africa was shattered diplomatically. They were also angered by the fact the Nigeria Embassy wasn’t even aware of the 125 deportees.

Appearing before the House of Representatives Committee, Amb Ashiru said:   “The Nigerian Embassy was not informed before such an act was perpetuated on Nigerians so it was illegal and should be seen from that purview.”

We are going to make sure that we convene  the next session of the international commission. I want to make one thing clear, African countries, including South Africa, should not take Nigeria’s maturity and the friendliness of our people to foreigners for granted. -Ambassador Ashiru

Chairman of the committee, Senator Matthew Nwagwu, had earlier described the recent deportation of Nigerians as the height of inhuman treatment, and promised that the Senate would support the ministry of foreign affairs in what ever action it deemed fit to take to pay back the people of South Africa.

Nigerians are traveling all around the world looking for where to settle and its not as if we get the best treatment in other countries but coming from an African country, one can understand how it will be taken.

But the question on everyone ‘s lips is, Wouldn’t this issue have been swept under the rug if a Senator wasn’t involved?

Nigeria reiterating by barring 56 South Africans last night from entering Nigeria through the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

Twenty eight were stopped on Sunday.

Apparently one of the conditions given to South Africa is to apologize and compensate for all the  victims of the harsh treatment.

While we are waiting for South Africa to apologize in this tom and jerry saga, lets look at other pressing issues in our country, like the queues in petrol stations.





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