Our Cry

The victims of Madalla Christmas bombing and a lot incident like this suffer a lot of untold neglect from the Government. If a country we call our own, if a Government that is supposed to take responsibility for its Citizens, can no longer do that, then where do we (the Citizens) run to for help? Where do we find succor?

An incident I personally experienced was at the National Hospital, Abuja where we went to visit an amputee with Dorothy Njemanze who is an actress and an activist, alongside Banjo, Nazareth and Shalom who are also into the entertainment industry. In the process of visiting Esther (the amputee), we noticed a woman who is also an amputee sitting looking so sad and sullen. We went over to hear her story and to our dismay she has been in the hospital since March, 2012 (even though she was discharged) but she is staying at the hospital waiting for the artificial limb the government promised. According to her , if she leaves the hospital, she will be forgotten by a government that is supposed to take care of her. After interviewing her, we found out her name is Lucy Unyi from Cross Rivers and a victim of the Madalla Christmas bombing which affected her eye and leg and one of her leg had to be amputated.

What was the government excuse? That they are broke! What will it cost our government to get artificial limbs for these amputees? An artificial limb cost just about N200000! You see our Executives and Legislators buying new cars at every opportunity they get, travel abroad for holiday, and fly abroad for medical treatment while the masses suffer in anguish!

Look at the case of persons living with disabilities in Nigeria. We are suffering in our own country due to lack of accessibility and neglect, when all this things are supposed to be made easy for us because it is our right. Our bill has been before the President but he has refused to sign it. We are not heard because those up there feel there is no money to be made out of this! We just ask the President for a simple thing which is our right SIGN OUR BILL. Let the people at the helm of affairs in Nigeria treat the Citizens as they deserve to be treated. LISTEN TO OUR CRY.



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  1. Good job, please keep it up. Thumbs up!

  2. Our country nd d government shud add importance 2d rights of persons living wt dissabilities in Nigeria, dere shud b available jobs 4 d educated ones, nd also luk 4 how 2mak lif better 4d ones dat re nt opportuned 2go 2sch, nd 4d BILL i wud use dis middium 2 plead 2 my president 2 sign it cos it wud do us much gud. PLS SIR LISTEN TO OUR CRY.

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