Its 3AM and I thought I had the greatest love, I doubt that now. When will I learn? My tears wet my phone while I wait for a call that will never come.

With you I thought it would be different, finally a real man but are you a real man or I just fall for your type always.

Why do the men have the good girls and instead opt for the “bitch”?
I gave my all but you couldn’t fight. I hope she will give you everything I couldn’t because I wouldn’t chase after you. I have already been the fool thrice and won’t be for the fourth.

I hope you call her the way you couldn’t call me

I hope you are there for her the way you weren’t for me

I hope you keep all the promises you couldn’t keep for me

I hope you treat her like an egg not the way you dropped me and even stepped on my shells

I hope you call her ‘baby’ and truly mean it

Thinking of the good man that I let slide through my fingers because I was blindly captured by you.

I hope you show her off not hide her like you did me

What happened to “whatever happens”..

You came with ” a chanel bag full of different shades of baggage” and even though it was heavy..I accepted the load and believing two people carrying it will make it easier.

I guess my head was full of dreams so full of futuristic plans that I didn’t realise my present was floating away.

The scar on my chest is so obivous but I won’t let it define me rather it is a lesson for me to learn and apply in the future.

The pain currently bringing me down, I never wish anybody not even the person that has wronged me so bad.

So as you call her “baby”, mean it; as you call her “sweetheart” let her be sweet to you. We are not perfect rather perfectly imperfect and I believe I will get a refill of all the love I want.


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