Writers’s Corner : Joy Steve – Nollywood At A Glance

We caught up with one of those people that we barely hear about in Nollywood but are behind the story, a scriptwriter.
Joy Steve is one writer that doesn’t mess around when working and a good one at that.

We caught up with her to have a little chat, here is what she has to say.

Q : When did you get into the industry?

A: Though I’ve been around the block; like way back 2003, but everything for me clicked in 2010

Q : So tell me how the industry works, because there are so many good writers that are unheard of?

A : Well it is all by the Grace of God. True, a lot of good writers are unheard, but that’s either because they haven’t sought help from God, or they came and couldn’t stand the heat in Nollywood.

Q : So how does it work? After the script is ready, what next?

A : For me, I don’t just write and keep. I get employed by marketers/producers, we reach an agreement, and then I write, after which I submit to them and they go into camp. Although that’s not all right now, cos I am now an artistic/assistant director, so once I give u the script, u fix a date, and I go into camp with u guys as your Artistic Director.

Q : So the camp is the shooting schedule?

A : If I get you correctly then yes. The camping is the period of time when all cast and crew come together to turn the script into reality.

Q : What movies have you written so far?

A : A lot, some I was given credits for like White Chapel, The Seekers, The Lamb, Weeping Child, Sorrows In Me, Weeping Eyes, Broken Mirror. And these ones I was robbed of my right: Battle For The Princess, War For the Princess; only but to mention a few.

Q : let’s talk about this robbing of rights, why does that happen in Nollywood?

A : Well, its because you are simply good at what you do, and a lot of block headed people wish to be you. They steal credits because your work is great; and they wish they were the one with the gift. And most time they don’t just steal the rights and give you the money.

Q : Why don’t we have some good storylines? Or do we have but the director doesn’t have the creativity to turn it to reality?

A : The truth is; we do not have too many good stories why? Every marketer want to copy from the other marketer. When a marketer does a good movie and it sells well, His mates get jealous/or should I say they like it and also want to do almost the same story line so them too can make money forgetting they are repeating the stories again. And again, as a writer, we don’t get to write what the mind brings, but what the marketer wants

Q : What should we expect next?

A : Before the year runs up, I will be doing 3 jobs, two of the scripts are ready; and I’m on the third.

Thank you for your time and we wish you the best in all your endeavours.


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  1. Joy Steve u the best am so proud of you. Keep the good work going dear

  2. Fuad Hudaverdiyev

    I wish you’d change “N” to “H” some day.

  3. Fuad Hudaverdiyev

    I wish you’d change “N” to “H” some day.

  4. Thanks dear Fuad, thanks Anny. *hugs*

  5. I love u sis,keep it up cos am so proud of u

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