Airtel Nigeria appoints Segun Ogunsanya as new chief executive

Mr. Segun Ogunsanya was yesterday appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Networks Ltd, Nigeria (Airtel Nigeria).

The announcement was made by Bharti Airtel. Mr. Ogunsanya, the new CEO will report to Manoj Kohli, CEO (International), and Joint MD, Bharti Airtel. He will be responsible for but not limited to defining and delivering the business strategy and providing overall leadership for Airtel Nigeria.

Mr. Rajan Swaroop, the former CEO, held the position for two years. After the completion of the transition process, Rajan will be appointed as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Airtel Nigeria. He will continue to work closely with the Airtel Nigeria leadership team.

Speaking on Ogunsanya’s appointment, which takes effect on November 26, Dr. Oba Otudeko, Chairman, Airtel Nigeria, said, “I am pleased at the appointment of Mr. Ogunsanya as the Chief Executive Officer and look forward to working with him towards making Airtel the most loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians.”

“It is our resolve to continue building a robust pipeline of local talents in Nigeria as part of Bharti Airtel’s Africa Leadership Initiative. I have been impressed by the outstanding leadership qualities of Mr. Swaroop who has laid a solid foundation during his tenure for the long-term growth of our business. I wish him success as he moves on in the Group.”

Mr. Ogunsanya, an electrical/electronic engineer, is the former Managing Director and CEO of Nigerian Bottling Company.

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