A Brand New Outlook

When thy beauty come out, am so awed by the sight. From where am standing, I freeze on the spot.

“Beautiful” is only for hers, but a he?
His beauty is extra ordinary. I look around and realise that am not the only person awed by this male figure. He catches me starring I drop the tray of glasses.
Gosh!! A lecture from my boss plus my utter embarrassment infront of this guy.

In its graces and airs, he moves as if music is playing, maybe it is and I can’t hear it.
He walks past me and I turn to see where he is headed at the same time I look around to make sure am still not looking like a fool, then I notice a good number of shes starring as well.

He greets and pats his friends, then they call for a waiter. Shit!! I am not done packing the broken glasses and I can hear my boss yelling. I cringe and go about my duties.
I serve his friends their orders, he doesn’t order anything. They sit there for hours talking, in fact none of the ladies in the bar tonight are leaving. Orders are coming up and increasing.

Thank God at least I will get bigger tips tonight.

Time flies by, and I realise my shift has ended.

Happy to leave to catch up with my girls, sad because I might not see this magnificent creature again.

As I walk out of the bar, a bar I hate so much because of my overweight and ungrateful boss but tonight i enjoyed my job.

I step outside and its so cold, I tighten the belt of coat and start walking.
I hear someone call my name and the voice doesn’t register but I still turn around, to my greatest surprise it is him!
He walks to me and say, “I forgot something very important, can I have your number please?”


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