New Music : DJ Mix Master Brown – Sexy Lady featuring O.D Woods

BrownCity Records in conjunction with DJ Mix Master Brown is pleased to announce the release of a new single, “Sexy Lady” featuring fellow Nigerian artist O.D. Woods.

“Sexy Lady” is the first chapter from “Mixmasterbrown’s Book Of Riddim”, a one of a kind Mixtape. This track is guaranteed to rock the clubs into 2013.
O.D. Woods is already well known among Nigerian club enthusiasts for his single “Go Below” and recently worked with Soundcity as a programs producer, a frontline music channel in Nigeria.
His ‘Go Below’ already has high potential to be a major hit. This piece of ear-candy is already hot among the Nigerian playlists and is destined to continue to grow in popularity.
“I am very pleased to be working with O.D. Woods on this new single, he was my first choice for Sexy Lady, working together on this kind of reminded me of the good old days in Jos” said DJ Mix Master Brown, a multiple award winning dj.
Mix Master Brown is no stranger to the music industry himself.

Originally from Cross River State, Nigeria, he has been DJing and mixing music since the 1980’s and is currently the chairman of the Deejays Association Of Nigeria (USA Chapter).
CEO/Founder of and , two popular music sites. He currently makes his home and his living in Houston, Texas, where he is DJing and recording music.

“My ear for music and talent has opened many doors for me in this industry,” continued Brown,
“in fact, when I first came to the U.S., I worked for Disney. If you can get your foot in the door
for Disney, you are obviously a professional who knows his craft.”

Already a presence on the party scene in Houston, Mix Master Brown is excited about featuring O.D. Woods on his single.
Brown is currently available for most gigs, and worldwide bookings. He and O.D. Woods’ single “Sexy Lady” are available on his website at: or you can follow them on:

Twitter @mixmasterbrown @od_woods

Company: BrownCIty Records

Twitter: @IamBrownCity



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  1. Dj Mix you’re dope man keep it up…

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