Rita Dominic Looks Fierce On The Cover Of Complete Fashion


Rita Dominic covers Complete Fashion’s new issue.

She talks fashion, career and “The Meeting”.


Posted on January 25, 2013, in Photo News, Style and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. To a lot of people, Genny has been able to maintain a gorgeous look year after year. She is more versatile, stylish, and can be described as modern with classic twist. She loves timeless essentials and is never afraid to take chances. She combines colors, textures and avoids getting stuck in the fashion rut. She has this soft and sensual look. She dresses her age and carries herself well. She also dresses to suit her body type and at most events she usually looks very classy. No doubt Genevieve has upped her game.

  2. ok, the covers are nice. but lets not lie to ourselves, Rita still looks young? for where? there is NOTHING wrong with saying someone looks their age. She is 35, and she looks just that. She should stop bleaching, and smoking and it will do her wonders. Black gums and fake processed yellow skin. I’m not hating, just saying it like it is. YES, she looks good ON THIS COVER.

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